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I received my first video camera at the age of 10, it was given to me by Clarence Jones. As a matter of fact, we found the Kodak video camera in his basement. He didn’t know how bad I wanted that camera and I wouldn’t lead on to it either, my poker face was locked. We negotiated the trade, a few Star Wars action figures and the camera was mine. I never bought and film for the camera it was just my means of daydreaming on the movies I would love to make. Like Kung Fu movie, sci-fi and romantic flicks. I took a few radio and television courses at Thornton and I attended Columbia College in Chicago. After college I bought a couple of camcorders and my life has not been the same. I record everything from family functions, weddings, birthday parties, smalls photo shoots, family reunions, house warming and even porn. When I got older I understood that friends and family would not pay you what it is worth until years past and then they would offer you unbelievable money because now the material is almost impossible to find.


For years he has tried to bring the vision alive through photos and videos. Fantasy to reality, the dream must go forth, so join us on the ride, you will enjoy it.

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Lowell Lions family I need your help, we want to put together fun and exciting events moving forward. Please fill out the subscribe box so we can stay in touch and keep you posted on up coming events.

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I gonna take you down memory lane, with the history of R & B, Funk, Soul and Rap. 

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Our goal is to deal with the word of YAH and HIS word only, there will not be any private interpretation. We will present the word of the Most High and Christ precept over precept.  

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